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The Instagram Growth Guide

Discover the proven system that takes your Instagram account to 10,000+ followers in only a few weeks or months!

With detailed, step-by-step instructions.

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The Life-Changing Power Of A Large Social Following:

Learn exactly how people across the globe are making fortunes doing what they love!


Kev Craven

“At 2k Followers I started using the Instagram Growth Guide, and a little over a year later I now sit at over 130k followers! My growth literally exploded after I implemented these methods.”

Marcus Papa

“I grew two accounts to over 20K followers in less than 4 months by following the Instagram Growth Guide. It really has given me an incredible advantage over other accounts in my niche.”

Instagram Success Made Easier Than Ever Before! All In One Guide:

Disover an Instagram growth system that uses science to get you optimal results

All the information, strategies and tools in this guide are based on the scientific method, which not only gives you the highest rate of success, but also the fastest growth possible - and these outstanding results have been replicated by over 1,500 students across virtually every niche on Instagram.

Implement a tried-&-true approach for turning your followers to dollars effectively

Learn effective monetization methods that are fine-tuned to Instagram, create your own passion-products & services and leverage your ever-increasing following to make a fortune doing what you love, while spending less than 30 minutes a day growing and running your account.

The Instagram Growth Guide's

Roadmap To Your Own Instagram "Passion-Business"


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Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


No Growth & No Monetization

Whether you’re completely new to Instagram or you’re an experienced user looking to get to the next level:

The Instagram Growth Guide will meet you where you are without assuming any prior knowledge, experience or success with the platform, introduce you to all the fundamentals and tools to quickly get you on the same page as other fast-growers, so you can turn your passion into a life-changing stream of income.

Account Setup & Optimization

We begin your transformation by setting up your account the right way so it is easy for you to regularly post top-tier content that is niche specific.

In this process we optimize every part of your account - from your Instagram profile branding, content strategy & design, scientific hashtag strategy, Instagram SEO secrets and much, much more - all so that the upcoming growth & monetization methods bring the best results for you.

From 0 To 1K+ Followers

Once your account setup is complete, we quickly get your account out of the low follower numbers and to 1K+ real followers ASAP by applying a range of “linear growth methods”.

These growth methods are specialized for small accounts and help you get to the crucial 1K followers milestone as quickly as possible, while cutting out months - if not YEARS - of low-performing results for you.

From 1K+ To 100K+ Followers

Once your account is past the 1,000 followers milestone, we shift into full gear and start applying the less time consuming, but even more powerful “organic growth methods”.

Together with the 4 Pillars of Instagram Growth – a comprehensive growth system that’s exclusive to the Instagram Growth Guide – these methods will allow you to spend less than 30 minutes a day to unlock “super-fast growth” with your account and grow it to 100K+ followers as quickly as possible.

(On average, our students who follow this blueprint get their first 10K followers starting from zero in only 3-4 months!)

Account Monetization

Once your account growth is in full swing, it’s time to “flip the switch” and turn your followers to dollars, so you’re able to turn your ever-increasing following into a lucrative stream of income from your passion.

You’ll be provided with effective monetization methods regardless of whether you have below or above 10K followers, so that nothing stands in the way of earning your passion-money even early on!

Growing 10K Followers Per Month With Monetization


You are now the proud owner of an Instagram account that is a real force to be reckoned with:

A following that grows close to or even upwards of 10K followers per month (depending on your niche size), and successful monetization that turns your followers into real passion-money and becomes more lucrative with every follower you get:

Your very own Instagram passion-business!


The Instagram Growth Guide

A DIY Instagram success guide that shows you step-by-step how to put your account on the optimal growth trajectory & make money from your passion in as little as 28 days.

The Instagram Growth Guide covers everything you need to unlock super-fast growth and monetize your audience in 5 easy parts:

Part I

The Growth Mindset

Adopt the mindset that allows you to follow your passion and build a successful Instagram account around it with ease.

Part II

Understanding Instagram

Learn how to make this social medium & its algorithm work for you instead of against you and become a master of its culture in a very short period of time.

Part III


Get your account into perfect shape for optimal growth & monetization and give it a professional look that is guaranteed to attract attention.


Scientific Hashtag Strategy™

Leverage science and your unique account data to 10x your impressions from hashtags by creating the perfect set of 30 hashtags for your Instagram posts.

Part IV


Put your account on the optimal growth trajectory with a combination of highly effective linear & organic growth methods and grow your account to tens of thousands of followers in only a few short months.

Part V


Monetize your account & start making $2 per year for every follower you have – your very own thriving Instagram passion-business!

Once you’ve completed the guide, less than 30 minutes a day is all you need to manage your account, keep it growing and make money doing what you love!

Dexter McQueen

“Straightforward and scientific - the no BS approach to Instagram success I had always been looking for. Almost at 10K followers now and still learning so many new things, incredible!”


“With the help of the Instagram Growth Guide I was able to sell 4 of my art pieces through Instagram - making me a total of €2,440 - while also increasing my followers from only 320 to over 550. All in just ONE week!”

Join 1,000 Other Instagrammers & Get Started Today!

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Here's What Other Instagrammers Say About The Instagram Growth Guide…

Rebecca Crocker

“This guide isn’t just a few tactics and methods - it’s a through and through strategy that made me realize I had to revamp everything to get what I really wanted out of Instagram. It has given me the tools and the confidence to finally start making money from my passion.”

La’Ced Castleberry

“Courses like this usually cost 10 times more, yet this is the most actionable and thought-out course I’ve ever seen. The content, methods and execution are second to none!”

Ashwin Gogawale

Within 6 months I took my account from 30K to nearly 100 thousand followers! I’m also successfully dominating all the hashtags in my niche & reaching a lot of new audiences I didn’t have access to before.”

Irina Stolyarova

“I struggled for a long time with getting followers on Instagram, but once I applied the methods from the Instagram Growth Guide I saw my reach increase instantly, and in less than 2 months my account went from only 200 followers to over 1,400!”

Laurence Taylor

“Although I’m a small account in a very popular niche, my engagement literally doubled with the first post after following Jonathan’s strategies. Strong recommendation! I don’t think there’s anything that comes close to this guide.”

Chanu Himasha

From 200 to 1,600 in only 2 months. This is leaps and bounds above anything on the market right now. Finally, the real deal!”

Some Of The Game-Changing Tools You Get Included With The Instagram Growth Guide:

Instagram Growth Sheet
(Value: $900)

Remove most of the “hard work” from your account transformation with this pimped-out Google spreadsheet that is specifically designed for Instagram success.

Instagram Content Board
(Value: $900)

Create professional-looking content with ease. Includes 30+ templates that are battle-tested, 100% customizable and ready-to-use.

Scientific Hashtag Strategy™
(Value: $900)

10x your impressions from hashtags on every post you make by creating the perfect set of 30 hashtags based on a scientific approach and your unique account data.

IG² Inner Circle - 1 Year Membership
(Value: $1,200)

Join an active community of Instagram growth & monetization enthusiasts and receive personal help with your transformation with 12 month access to our exclusive IG² Inner Circle FB group.

Plus, If You Purchase Today:

Get these monetization de-mystifying bonuses added on top for FREE!

Follower Closing Script

(Value: $900)

Step-by-step how to convert an interested follower into a high-paying customer in a single conversation

With this script you learn exactly how to sell to anyone who is sellable using a highly effective 7-step sales formula that allows you to make a fortune from your passion-products & services!

“Link In Bio”
Website Structure

(Value: $500)

How to properly structure high-converting landing pages and websites for your passion-products & services

Learn the 10 things your “link in bio” landing page MUST have in order to drive sales on automatic and turn your link in bio into a money-making machine!

Start Your Super-Fast Instagram Growth Journey Today!

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How I Beat The Instagram Game & Turned My Success Into An Easy-To-Replicate System!

Hi, this is Jonathan - creator of the Instagram Growth Guide.

You might be surprised to learn that I once started out in the same exact spot you probably find yourself in right now:

With no following on any of the social platforms & little clue about how to grow a successful Instagram account! xD

All I had was my passion for Meditation & Spirituality, and the dream of one day being able to make a decent living from it, since it’s what I love doing the most.

However, getting followers on Instagram wasn’t as easy as I thought!

Despite posting content to my account almost daily…

After one and a half years all I had to show for were a meager 500 followers.

Obviously something needed to change - and, luckily, I had an ace up my sleeve:

My degree in Physics.

For the first time ever I started applying science to the problem, because I knew:

If there’s a solution to Instagram growth & monetization, science will find it.

Lo and behold! After a few months of extensive research, scientific reasoning and lots of experimentation I’d finally discovered a comprehensive “Instagram success system” that catapulted my account

… from only 500 to over 105K Followers in less than a year!

Super-fast growth once I switched to a scientific approach.

Want to know more about my personal growth journey?

Click the button below and discover how I beat the Instagram game and turned it into an easy-to-replicate system that has helped thousands already:

From Passion To Cash-In: The Insane Potential Hidden In Your Instagram Account

Everybody can make money from their passion using Instagram.

All it takes is a simple 3-step process:

First, you simply say “Yes!” to your passion – the thing you love doing even without getting paid for it – and start an Instagram account around that.

Next, you apply the proper growth methods to quickly attract an engaged following.

Once your account starts to grow, you flip the switch and turn your followers to dollars with your own passion-products and services to make a fortune doing what you love.

Now Here’s The True Beauty Of This Approach:

Even when starting from absolute zero, you can grow your account to tens of thousands of followers in only a few short months and start making money doing what you love!

The amount of money you can make this way is quite substantial, because:

On average, every follower is worth 2 dollars per year!

Whether you monetize your account or not.

This is simply the value of having access to this highly qualified audience and advertising to them, which is where your own passion-products & services come in to seal the deal and turn your passion into a lucrative stream of income.

Truly, sky's the limit with this approach – and if you want help with setting up your Instagram account, learning the proper growth & monetization methods as well as come up with your own passion-products & services, if you’ve never done that before, look no further:

You can now get the same step-by-step blueprint that has already helped 1,000 people like yourself massively grow their accounts & start making fortunes from their passions, and start your own lucrative Instagram passion-business:

Start Your Super-Fast Instagram Growth Journey Today!

Your quickly growing account as well as making money from your passion are only the click of a button away:


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What Are You Waiting For?

The biggest risk in life is doing something other than following your passion & turning your life-long dreams into reality.

It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines, while others are stealing your audience & cashing in on your passion!

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you know you want to take the next leap forward and create life-success on your own terms:

I can tell you from my own experience - as well as from the testimonies of my many students - that absolutely nothing compares to the feeling of making a difference in something you actually enjoy doing and care about!

There’s simply no better occupation than doing what you love!

So why not take the shortest, fastest & most proven path to get there?

With the Instagram Growth Guide you get exactly that: A proven blueprint forquickly building a large social following around your passion with highly effective monetization methods that will save you YEARS of low-performing results and put you on the optimal growth trajectory from day one!

You might have heard the saying:

The best day to plant a tree was 20 years ago - the second best day is today!

It is the same with growing your social media channels and your own thriving passion-business.

So plant your tree of success today and make use of our This Week Only offer - and in only a few months from now you’ll be thanking yourself for finally saying “Yes!” to your passion & making your life-long dreams a reality, when you start reaping all the benefits!

I’m looking forward to welcoming you in our Inner Circle of “passion-business Instagram-entrepreneurs”,


Still Got Questions?

Here are the answers you're looking for:

I’m brand-new to Instagram. Is the Instagram Growth Guide the right fit for me?

Yes! The Instagram Growth Guide assumes no prior knowledge about Instagram and starts from absolute scratch. From there we quickly gather all the necessary understanding regarding this social platform, while disabusing you of all the faulty notions of how to get followers or make money with your account.

I’m not sure whether I have something I’m passionate about. Can I still make your blueprint work for me?

First of all, I don’t believe there’s nothing in life you’re passionate about, although I understand that due to 10+ years of mostly dreadful schooling you may no longer be in touch with it very easily. No worries! In the first part of the guide we cover in great detail how to rediscover and reconnect with your passion - but to answer the question at hand: Yes, the principles outlined in the guide work regardless of what your account is about as long as there’s a niche for it on Instagram (which we also cover in the guide.)

How long does it take to go through everything?

Roughly 28 days with 2-3 hours of “work” per day. The Instagram Growth Guide consists of two main phases: Set up & daily routine. Once the set up phase is complete (~28 days), it takes people less than 30 minutes a day on average to grow their accounts many thousands of followers every month, while making money from their passions.

How long until I start to make money?

Even though monetization is the last part of the Instagram Growth Guide, the methods you learn are applicable at ANY account size, which means you can start monetization as early as you’re able to. All you need to get going is a simple offer with the right fit for your audience. Starting from scratch you can expect to make money within the first 1 to 3 months of following the blueprint. On average, every follower you have is worth 2$ per year.

I don’t have any sales or business experience. Will I still be able to make money from my account with this guide?

Yes! The Instagram Growth Guide doesn’t assume you’ve ever sold anything before, be it online or otherwise. Instead, it breaks down the art of selling naturally and effectively, so that nothing stands in the way of making money from your passion-products & services - or, if you don’t have any, simply your Instagram account.

How is the Instagram Growth guide different from other Instagram courses?

The Instagram Growth Guide uses science to get you results. Jonathan, who has a bachelor’s degree in Physics, developed this battle-tested Instagram success blueprint by running countless experiments, observing cause and effect, and employing scientific principles. His blueprint has been used by over 1,000 people so far to find success across virtually every niche on Instagram. The methods in this guide stem from scientific observation and cut through the noise and hearsay that exist in the Instagram space today and place a heavy emphasis on applying what’s proven to work, while most other Instagram courses are based on belief and best-guess strategies. As a final highlight, the Instagram Growth Guide comes with exclusive tools designed to help you speed up your Instagram growth & monetization.

Your guide and methods are based on science. Do I need to understand how it all works to apply this system and get the most out of it?

No! Even though the Instagram Growth Guide teaches you exactly how the underlying science works, it is not necessary to grasp it in order to apply it and get 100% out of it. In short, it’s a plug-and-play system. The science has already been done for you!

I already have quite a few followers, is that a problem?

No! Even though the Instagram Growth Guide is structured so that it will take you from 0 followers and no experience to tens of thousands of followers in only a few short months, you will get a similar result, if you already have followers. In fact, when you don’t start at zero it only means you’ll reach your goal that much faster! What the Instagram Growth Guide does is maximally accelerate your growth at any account size by applying scientific principles.

I have more questions about the Instagram Growth Guide and would like to speak to someone. Can I email you?

Yes! If you still have unanswered questions about the Instagram Growth Guide, feel free to email me at jonathan@instagramgrowthguide.com. No worries, we’ll keep your Today-Only offer alive. Talk soon!