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Irina Stolyarova

From 0 to 1.3K followers in only 30 posts

Meet Irina Stolyrova - a young Russian artist who utilizes her Instagram to share her passion for watercolor paintings with a wider audience.

Before stumbling upon the From 0 To 1K+ Followers ASAP guide – and starting to apply its methods – Irina’s account was only at 200 followers.

Even though she doesn’t post as frequently as most accounts in other niches - which is actually common for artists - she increased her following to over 1.3K followers in less than 30 posts with the help of the beginner growth guide.

Let’s ask her about her rise on Instagram so far:

“Hello Irina, good to have you on today. Tell us, what’s your motivation behind growing your Instagram account?”

Hi Jonathan!

Well, first of all, Instagram allows me to create a visual gallery of my artworks, which is very nice to have.

It also helps me to find more art, which in turn gives me the inspiration to create more of my own.

But the main reason I’m growing my account is that in the long run I’d like to start selling my artworks to my audience and create other “passion-products” as you call them.

“How long did it take you to reach your first 1K followers, and how much time do you put into your Instagram on a daily basis?”

It took me about 5 months to grow my account to 1K+ followers and I’d say I spend about an hour a day on my Instagram…

However, I must confess I took quite a few breaks during those 5 months, so I guess I’m not the best case study for that. laughs

I’m sure I could have gotten to 1K+ a lot faster, if I didn’t take so many breaks.

“Which growth methods helped you the most in getting to 1K+?”

Engaging with others content, liking recent posts from other accounts as well as relevant hashtags definitely helped my growth a lot.

(Note to the reader: This is referring to linear growth method #11 & linear growth method #12 in the 1K+ guide.)

“What’s been the biggest difficulty you faced along the way?”

Initially setting everything up does require some of your time - doing research, finding the relevant hashtags and all that jazz.

And sometimes you can spend a lot of time on these things and not see any results, which can be frustrating.

But this is all a learning curve, and you adapt your techniques, which in the end is very worthwhile!

“What’s been the biggest surprise of your overall Instagram growth journey?”

Definitely the community that you build while you’re growing your page.

The works that I produced thanks to this have been much better, and the motivation and inspiration has driven me to create a lot more thanks to this Instagram journey.

I’m very grateful for that.

“What’s your next big Instagram goal?”

To try and set up a regular posting schedule and be more engaging with the community that I have right now.

That seems to be the biggest area where I’m slacking.

“How have the guides helped you with your Instagram journey?”

The guide has opened up my eyes in a big way as to how Instagram works, what are the key tactics, and so on.

But more importantly it has made me rethink what I want my page to be!

There’s a lot of very important information about marketing, goals, processes that I would not have thought of otherwise.

“If you had to start over again, what would you do differently?”

I would try to be more diligent with tracking growth and doing the initial research on successful Instagrammers in my niche.

I can still do this now, but if I was to start again, I know it would be a huge step for initial growth.

“Any final words of encouragement to people who are still on their journey towards 1K?”

It is very doable!

In my case it has taken a few months, however I will be honest I did slack off.

If using all the methods described in the 1K+ guide, it will be much faster!

“That’s all. Thank you for the interview Irina!”

Thank you, too. Bye!

Irina Stolyarova

As a new art account, I started off my growth journey with doing research online to kick-start my account.

I was lucky to stumble upon the Instagram Growth Guide, because after following it I saw my reach increase instantly and I haven’t even applied 100% of it.

Even if you’re just starting out I definitely recommend this guide to you. It’s saved me a ton of time and got me great results, and I’m very excited to experiment more with it.

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