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How “Antiwork” Has Changed My Life

About 4 years ago I came to the sudden realization that I needed to follow my heart’s desire when it came to how I lived my life and made my income.

At the time I was still in university with a bachelor’s degree in Physics already under my belt, while working various jobs on the side to sustain myself financially.

Although my studies were going great, I felt an increasing dissonance with the whole idea of following this path into “locked-up employment” society had conveniently set up for me.

I could see the “fruits” of this approach in my daily life everywhere around me:

Whether I was looking at my dad who worked 50+ hours a week at a highly demanding (& draining) office job, or my colleagues in the Physics department, they all admitted to settling for a compromise that time and again felt like a guilty kind of comfort:

For most of their lives they’d simply been doing “what everybody else did”.

I knew this wasn’t for me, and whether I was aware of it or not, I was about to join the antiwork movement in the hot summer of ‘17.

Antiwork… More Than Just “Laziness”?

Obviously… even though the present-day work environment didn’t seem desirable for me, I still had to make money somehow in order to sustain myself.

Just because I’m against the gradual soul-suck and creeping guilt of the work-compromise, doesn’t mean I’m lazy, or unwilling to “work” per se:

Ironically, being antiwork, doesn’t mean I’m against work - I’m just against what is commonly defined as work.

Apart from the abysmal pay and the disgraceful conditions that are often found in the workplaces of the 21st century, surely the biggest reason people are quitting their jobs in record numbers this year is because their occupations are simply unfulfilling:

It’s in the nature of human beings to seek creative expression and fulfillment on a higher level, once your survival is met - and most workplaces do not offer that despite sucking up most of your free time.

Newer generations have watched their parents and grandparents do this whole “job thing” just about enough now to realize it’s not worth investing decades of their lives into it.

That’s why we’re seeing such a big shift now.

The rapid rise of the antiwork movement

The whole economic crisis & inflation are just adding fuel to the fire.

Especially Gen Z won’t put up with those same conditions anymore, as data shows.

The fact is, antiwork is not about being lazy, it’s about finding an occupation that maintains your dignity and sense of self-worth.

There’s only one problem:

The work of the world has to be done, and you have to take care of your survival… whether you “want” to work or not!

Employed, Or Self-Employed: That Is The Question

Getting back to my own story I solved this impending monetary crisis in the following way:

I turned away from the employment sector and joined the self-employed sector.

Instead of working for somebody else due to a need for comfort or security, which I’ve seen result in a nagging compromise that never goes away often enough (because in the end you’re only selling yourself short), I decided to make my own path:

I was going to be my own boss.

I wasn’t going to “do what everybody else does” and what society had cut out for me - instead I was going to pursue something of value to me personally

… something, where I didn’t feel like I was wasting my life away regardless of how much I got paid (& most of the times very little, of course!).

As cheesy as it sounds, I was going to follow my passion!

Follow Your Passion…

If you seek fulfillment as well as higher pay from your occupation, what better way to go about it than making your passion your self-employed career or business?

Okay, first you need to know what your passion in life is, which might be a little hard, if you:

  1. Just spent lots of time in a soul-crushing job

  2. “Enjoyed” the education system for 10+ years

  3. Grew up around negative people with limiting beliefs

  4. Allowed society to talk you out of your aspirations

Since, as I’m about to share with you, I've already re-discovered my own true passion and am now making a large amount of money from it, I’ll tell you how you can re-discover your own passion as well.

Please follow along, and treat this almost like a guided meditation or a little exercise, if you will:

First, drop the mental noise. If you find that difficult, look out of the window at the sky, which is a piece of nature (thus a piece of your own true nature), and see the inherent stillness that is in all nature.

Now direct your attention at the feeling of goodness, joy, rightness, happiness and the glow of life that you can feel right inside of you, when you let go of the mental baggage.

Now, while feeling that goodness, or joy or passion (!!!), simply ask yourself:

“What do I want to do?”

And like an innocent child, don’t immediately answer from what everybody else has said, but simply your own answer of what you want to do, if you don’t have a care in the world.

What comes easy to you? What brings you joy?

THAT is your passion.

You want this feeling of excitement, love and passion. And if you’re still not sure, simply hold this feeling or knowledge as often as you can, and see what naturally comes up for you in time.

What’s more:

Because you feel this particular thing as your passion, you’re somehow or other especially equipped to bring this with you into existence & share it with others around you, and the most practical way to do that - if you want to be able to do it as much as possible rather than spending time on things that are not really close to your heart - is by making your passion your career or business.

And yes, you can!

Like I said: Because you gave this answer from the core of your being, others will simply be drawn to check out how you do it, how you hang with it, and they’ll be inclined to learn from you and do business with you, because it’s part of who you are, and if you are the best who you can be, you’re like a mirror without stains that reflects clearly to me that I also can be the best who I can be.

And people simply love that!

So trust that following your passion WILL deliver results, because up until this point you’ve probably spent decades believing the opposite, which is how much force and repetition it takes to unlearn what is natural to you.

Turn Your Passion Into A Career Or Business!

Your passion is the key to turning “antiwork” into the greatest decision and movement of your life!

In my own case, it was my passion for meditation & spirituality that I simply couldn’t deny any longer.

I simply had to give it a shot and see where it would lead me, because I already knew from my environment that decades in an unfulfilling job did NOT deliver the goods I intuitively felt were possible.

As a result, I quit my studies (I realized my interest in Physics was only the unconscious search for real truth and meaning that only the inner realm could provide anyway), and I quit my job.

One factor helped me greatly in making this decision:

I started to grow a social following around my passion.

You see, while I was still in university and juggling various jobs, I spent a few minutes each day on my Instagram account to share content around what truly mattered to me:

Meditation & spirituality.

This also happened to be the exact moment I discovered a proven Instagram growth system based on science (thanks Physics degree!) that got me incredible results:

In less than a year I grew my Instagram account from only 500 to over 105K real followers.

With this ever-increasing, large follower base I quickly & easily turned my passion into a lucrative career, step-by-step, by offering people consultations, guided meditations, and so on.

Not only am I making more money than ever now, but I’m also finally doing something that doesn’t even feel like work to me, because it’s simply my passion and I love spending time on it.

That’s how my antiwork attitude turned into probably the biggest fortune of my life.

Use Instagram To Start Your Own Passion-Business

It’s undeniable that Instagram paved the way for me to make money doing what I love without sitting in a dreadful job or wasting my life away doing something I’m not truly excited about.

That’s why I went through the tremendous task of compiling everything I’ve learned about Instagram growth (you can read my game-changing growth story here) into a step-by-step manual based on science that even comes with exclusive and super helpful tools, so you, too, can grow your Instagram account to tens of thousands of followers in only a few short months & make a fortune doing what you love.

With this manual - the Instagram Growth Guide - you will discover exactly how to transform your account step-by-step into a lucrative passion-business, so you can say goodbye to the workplace forever!

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Nothing says antiwork so much like following your own passion, turning your dreams into reality & becoming your own boss!

If I see you inside the Instagram Growth Guide and our dedicated community, I’ll be very pleased to welcome you and help you make a fortune from your passion.

All the best & perhaps I see you soon,