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How to authorize scripts in your Instagram Growth Sheet to drastically increase its utility

Your Instagram Growth Sheet comes with a variety of very useful scripts that decrease the manual work you have to do & also speed up your transformation.

A one-time authorization is required to use these scripts.


Because these scripts directly change the contents of your Instagram Growth Sheet - and for that they need your permission.

Here are the steps:

1. Start authorization

After you’ve clicked on any of the scripts for the first time, the ‘Authorization Required’ dialogue will pop up.

Click ‘Continue’.

2. Select your preferred Google account

3. Open ‘Advanced’

In the ‘This App isn’t verified’ dialogue click on ‘Advanced’ in the bottom left corner.

4. Then click ‘Go to Instagram Growth Sheet (unsafe)’

(It’s safe!)

5. Allow authorization

Finally, click on the ‘Allow’ button to finish authorization.


You’re now able to run all special scripts of the Instagram Growth Sheet!