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How to get Instagram followers organically in 2020

(Grow from 0 to 10K followers FAST!)

In this blog post I’m going to share with you 5 “hacks” that I’ve used to organically grow my Instagram account to over 100K followers in less than a year - and that you can use to grow your account from 0 to 10K followers FAST, so you can utilize your Instagram account to make a living doing what you love!

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

What is organic Instagram growth & why is it important for you?

Before we get into the list of 5 “hacks” you can use to quickly grow your Instagram account organically, let’s be clear on what organic Instagram growth is in the first place & why it is important for you.

Organic Instagram growth is growing your account without the use of “artificial” means.

“Artificial” means are:

  • Buying (fake) followers

  • Using various bots & automations

  • Paying for promotions or ads or otherwise putting money into your account growth

Artificial is basically anything that comes from outside of the Instagram platform to try to force your followers to go up.

Organic growth on the other hand is growing your account only by using the platform itself, and having people discover you and follow you naturally or “organically”.

“But aren’t methods like buying followers good ideas to grow your account?”

No, because they hurt your account in various ways - from spoiling your reputation with real people on Instagram, to lowering your Instagram “algorithm score” to not being able to properly monetize your account in the future, because your following is fake.

Organic growth is the best growth you can have, and it’s by no means impossible to pull it off and get decent amounts of people coming to your profile.

So let’s take a look at the 3 main reasons why organic Instagram growth is so desirable for anyone looking to grow a sustainable brand or business on Instagram:

1. Growing organically costs nothing

Many people looking to grow their Instagram accounts to thousands or even tens of thousands of followers do it for the purpose of building a brand or business on Instagram, which allows them to pursue their passion and make money with the following they acquire.

Organic Instagram growth allows you to do this for free and without risk.

All it takes to grow your account organically is good content and a little bit of insider knowledge regarding Instagram growth, and growing a strong & loyal following becomes actually rather easy.

2. You get real people as followers

Organic growth means people find YOU - all by themselves.

They follow you, because they’re interested in what you have to share and offer, and as a result their engagement is real and they’re likely to purchase from you when the time comes:

You’re establishing a real connection with people.

It’s often your closest followers that become your most loyal customers.

Plus by avoiding shady automations and bots you won’t have to worry about getting your account banned by Instagram.

Having your account shut down after months or even years of growing your following is the absolute last thing you want.

This alone should be reason enough for anyone to stay away from shady growth methods - Instagram is cracking down HARD on these right now.

(Besides, organic growth is much faster anyway, once you do it right!)

3. Organic growth accelerates the more followers you already have

The beautiful thing about organic growth is that it keeps accelerating the more followers you already have. Your account spreads like a virus - and you go viral like Covid-19.

That’s because organic growth is governed by physical laws, and is actually exponential for the vast majority of your entire growth journey.

Exponential or organic growth is the most powerful growth you can have.

As Albert Einstein famously said:

“The strongest force in the universe is compound interest.”

Why is that? Because it’s exponential.

Growing your account organically is a form of compound interest.

Exponential growth (we’ll look at a graph soon) means the same amount of effort is going to bring you larger and larger results down the line - thus things accelerate and spiral beyond all measure rather quickly with consistent effort each day.

And it doesn’t take much to get things rolling.

My 5 “hacks” will easily get you started!

Paid methods on the other hand aren’t exponential, but only linear.

This means that reaching large amounts of followers can very quickly get VERY expensive.

(The truth is: Most people can’t afford buying their way to 10K, let alone 100K or even 1M followers - but with organic growth reaching those numbers is VERY possible! I, for instance, have done it.)

The only area where linear growth methods shine is between 0 and about 1K followers, because that’s where organic growth takes a little longer to get going.

After this threshold is reached, however, organic growth and linear growth methods will never be the same again.

This is what we call “Disruption”.

If your account is below 1K followers right now and you wish to reach that 1K, 2K or even 3K mark faster - I’ve got a comprehensive & FREE guide for you teaching you exactly how to reach that number as quickly as possible.

It’s called:

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It’ll show you how to bridge the gap WITHOUT relying on shady methods that will get your account banned later on, so you can take it to the next level with organic and make a living doing what you love.

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Now, without further ado:

5 “hacks” to get Instagram followers organically & quickly in 2020!

These are 5 “hacks” you can implement for your Instagram account right now to take your organic growth to the next level and increase your followers.

Let’s go!

Organic Growth Hack #1: Instagram Profile SEO

“SEO” stands for search engine optimization.

It’s the practice of using specific keywords to rank higher in search queries.

These keywords are words or phrases associated with your niche.

Most people are not aware that there’s SEO you can do on Instagram in order to gain an edge over your competition and rank higher in various places.

As a demonstration, check out this search query for meditation - where the following account ranks #1 (in incognito mode):

This account, for instance, is definitely getting some passive traction for meditation queries - you can see how excessively the owner of this account has made use of the keyword.

However, if I use a “not incognito, but also not following me” account (the account has had only some minor engagement with my account, @complete.self.knowledge) to search for meditation, my account ranks #1 for this query in both ‘Top’ and ‘Accounts’.

Seems pretty helpful, doesn’t it?

This means even if you don’t get to be the #1 for virtually everyone who is looking up your keywords, you can still get the people back to your page that have had even very little engagement with you - perhaps saw only 1 of your posts (without even liking), or visited your profile page once.

What’s more:

Instagram SEO affects also which accounts appear in the account suggestions dropdown menu, when looking for other accounts in your niche:

Imagine other people seeing your account in these suggestions for various other profiles within your niche - that’s powerful!

So how do you achieve these effects?

Virtually all of your account SEO happens directly on your profile!

Here are the different areas on your profile & how to utilize them:

  1. Your Instagram account handle

    Make your @account handle say something to your niche. (Using your personal or business name is fine, too!)

  2. Your Instagram name

    This is a powerful SEO tool and should include what you’re about regarding your niche.

  3. Your bio

    This is your place to stand out from the crowd and let everyone know what they can get from following you.

    Use fitting emojis to break up the text and give everything a nice look.

    Don’t forget to make your bio keyword heavy, and also don’t be afraid to polarize!

    It’s better to polarize and say something memorable than to try to please everyone and say nothing at all.

  4. Your website link

    It’s up to you what goes here.

    If you have a business, put your business website in there.

    You may want to use bit.ly to customize your links, shorten them, and add even more keywords!

  5. And a little less known SEO factor - the hashtags & people YOU follow

    This is the reason I had you follow the accounts within your niche.

    It lets the Instagram algorithm know what you’re about, and what niche you belong to, which helps it to suggest you to people more accurately.

    Follow at least 10 - 30 hashtags from your niche, and follow up to a few hundred accounts from your niche.

    (Don’t go into the thousands, or it’ll look like you’re using bots, which is a turn-off for people. I’ll talk more about following limits per day once we get to the Action part).

Putting niche-specific keywords into all of these areas will help to shape your account and give Instagram hints & clues as to what you’re all about.

This makes it easier for the algorithm to suggest you to people who might be interested in what you have to offer!

Write your profile & bio in a way that makes sense to your audience!

Which keywords should you use?

Take inspiration and insights from your niche-specific hashtags as well as other accounts in your niche to come up with the most powerful profile keywords.

We’re going to address niche-specific hashtags as the 5th organic Instagram account growth hack on this list!

Organic Growth Hack #2: Post regularly & at the right time!

There are two good reasons for posting regularly to Instagram, if you wish to gain more followers organically:

  1. People love it

  2. The Instagram algorithm loves it

Regular content allows your followers to more easily connect with you and develop a habit of engaging with your posts!

Also the Instagram algorithm prefers to promote accounts that are active and post regularly.

“How often exactly is posting regularly?”

An optimal rule of thumb is once a day.

You could also do more, like 2-3 times per day, but you can also do less.

However, you should post a minimum of 2-3 times a week to stay relevant to your audience and keep your followers engaged!

“What’s the best time of the day for me to post?”

To find out exactly which time to post your content, simply switch your account to a Business profile and you’ll be able to see when the peak in activity for your followers occurs:

I recommend posting your content one hour before the peek, so it can gain maximum momentum.

If you don’t have insight into your account statistics yet, I suggest posting around 6pm local time.

Organic Growth Hack #3: Optimize your post habits & engage with others!

There are some neat little tricks you can do on Instagram to further increase your engagement:

For instance, everytime before you make a post, you can head back to the previous two posts you’ve made and like every comment in there and answer some of the questions and respond to people.

“Why right before I post?”

Because most people haven’t turned their notifications off, and interacting with them will notify them and give them a chance to check out your newest post, which you just posted.

Another neat little hack, which I rarely use anymore now with over 100K followers, is to simply engage with other content in your niche - either on accounts you follow, or on some of the Top posts in your niche-related hashtags (see Organic Growth Hack #5 for more info).

Organic Growth Hack #4: Write long form & engaging Instagram Post captions

Organic Instagram growth is not just about the quantity of followers.

It’s also about the quality of followers!

Writing long form and engaging captions allows your followers to build a more intimate relationship with you and to remember you, which is key, when you want to sell them anything - like a personal coaching, product or service.

See this example:

The success of an Instagram account should really be measured by how many private DMs you get from people, because that tells you whether they’re engaged with your content.

There’s nothing better for getting people to DM you than long form copy, which really pulls the reader in!

“What should I write about?”

Simply something you enjoy, something that interests you, or something that you’ve experienced or are excited about - your unique perspective.

Simply put:

Be yourself.

That makes it a lot easier to put out content - and it rolls very well with people!

People love authenticity, so don’t be afraid to be you. You can make a living from your passion or business by being you.

Organic Growth Hack #5: Use the right hashtags for your Instagram account

My 5th and final organic growth hack for you is to use the right hashtags for your Instagram account.

Most people aren’t aware of it:

Using hashtags you can’t get into the Top posts for is wasted potential!

(If you’re not familiar with what Top posts are, they’re the featured posts section within a hashtag, which typically gets all the attention.)

Using the right hashtags for your account means using hashtags that will get you into the Top posts for as many hashtags as possible.


It’s how I regularly get over 100,000 additional Post impressions with virtually every Instagram post I make - all from hashtags alone!

If you’d like to learn more about how to setup a hashtag strategy that will maximally increase your likelihood of getting into the Top posts for as many of your hashtags as possible and with every single post you make - check out this ground-breaking eBook that teaches you exactly how to do just that:

It’s called the Scientific Hashtag Strategy™, and will take you step-by-step through the process of creating the perfect hashtag strategy for your account, which boosts your organic account growth tremendously - and it’s free!

Plus the results speak for themselves:

This is the hashtag strategy that I use to grow my account with over 100K organic followers - and it works like a charm!

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