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How to use Instagram hashtags in 2020 to get the most followers

Instagram hashtags are one of THE most powerful ways for attracting engaged followers and growing your Instagram account.

When used correctly, they tremendously increase your Post impressions.


On my own account with 100K+ followers I’ve gone from only a few thousand hashtags impressions per post to regularly getting over 100,000 additional Post impressions from hashtags alone…

… with every single post I make!

But it’s not just big accounts that can profit from this:

Here’s an image of an account with only 380 followers profiting from correct hashtag usage big time:

The right hashtag strategy will 10x your growth rate!

This article will teach you how to do this for your own account, so you can increase the amount of followers you get with every Instagram post you make.

So let’s discuss how to create the best hashtag strategy for your Instagram account in 2020!

This is NOT something you want to miss out on…

Are you ready?

Let’s start!

3 things you MUST know about Instagram hashtags to use them effectively & get the most out of them

Before we begin with creating the best hashtag strategy for your account, there are a few things you need to know about hashtags, so you can use them effectively & get the most out of them!

This information will help you to avoid common pitfalls that lead to low-performing results, and teaches you the “essentials” of hashtags very quickly.

1. What Instagram hashtags are used for & how YOU can go viral with them

First, let’s discuss the purpose of Instagram hashtags:

Instagram hashtags are first and foremost a search tool.

Much like index cards, they allow you to categorize, describe your content as accurately as possible.


Just imagine the following scenario:

Let’s say you go to the #meditation hashtag page and find a post in there that is not at all related to meditation, but it’s been tagged with #meditation.

Are you at all likely to engage with this post?

No, because it’s not related to meditation.

Even if that piece of content were a KILLER on other hashtag pages, you would likely not interact:

It’s simply not what you’re looking for.

When people visit a certain hashtag page, they have an expectation of what they’re going to find.

If your post appears on an unrelated hashtag page, because you used that hashtag, it is likely to disappoint or in the worst case even irritate the viewer.

Your hashtags should always be relevant to your content.

This is the first step.

However, in order to massively increase your post impressions and go viral with hashtags, using relevant hashtags alone is not enough:

Your Instagram post must make it into the Top posts section of a hashtag page to significantly increase your impressions.

And this brings us to the next point…

2. The ‘Hashtag size’, ‘Top posts’ and ‘Most recent’ sections of every hashtag page

Every hashtag page comes with its unique Hashtag size, Top posts and Most recent section, as well as Related Hashtags since March 2020.

Here’s a quick little run-down on what these sections are:

  • Hashtag size:

    The number of posts that have been tagged with that hashtag, which is also its overall popularity.

    (The most popular hashtag on Instagram is #love with about 1.8 BILLION posts tagged… and counting!)

  • Top posts:

    The important section for our hashtag strategy, where Instagram’s algorithm continuously features posts from that hashtag page. If you want to go viral with hashtags, you HAVE to get into the Top posts!

    (We’re going to implement a hashtag strategy for you that does that extremely well in just a minute!)

  • Most recent:

    This section simply lists all the posts that have been tagged using that hashtag in chronological order.

The important part to understand is that the Most recent section is not very useful for Instagram growth at all, because

  1. nobody really looks at it,

  2. and it’s very fast moving.

After only a few minutes, your posts will be practically invisible in the Most recent section, because so many other posts will have been made since then.

However, in the Top posts section - this is where your post can shine for loads and loads of people to see!


The best hashtag strategy gets you into the Top posts for as many of your hashtags as possible!

This is what I’m going to teach you how to do in just a minute!

But first - let’s cover banned hashtags:

3. Avoid Banned hashtags to grow your account

There’s a large number of hashtags that are banned from Instagram - some obvious, some not so obvious - like #dating for instance.

If you use a banned hashtag in one of your posts, your reach automatically reduces to ZERO.

Your post will still show up in your follower’s home feed, but you won’t receive any new followers or get into any of the hashtag or explore pages.

This is the scary shadowban.

But don’t worry, it only affects the posts you’ve used the banned hashtag on… your account will still be fine, if you don’t go overboard on banned hashtags and continuously use them.

“How can I tell if a hashtag is banned?”

There’s a tell-tale sign you can check to see whether a hashtag is banned:

Banned hashtags have no Most recent section (and no hashtag size).

They do have Top posts, though.

Knowing this, you don’t have to rely on incomplete lists on the internet (the list of banned hashtags keeps changing all the time) or even pay for services to tell you whether the hashtags you’re using are banned.

You can simply check for yourself!

Most importantly, though, your best hashtag strategy for 2020 that we’re going to reveal soon is going to take care of banned hashtags automatically.

You don’t have to worry about them or getting shadowbanned at all!

I’d say that’s quite convenient.

Let’s continue!

How many hashtags should you use?

There’s a lot of debate on the internet about how many hashtags you should use for your account, but the simple answer is:

As many as possible, which means 30.

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, so that’s how many you should use to maximally expand your reach and increase your followers.

Why would Instagram punish anyone for using what they allow us to use?

It doesn’t make sense.

And what’s more: We’ve run countless tests - and 30 hashtags produce by far the best results, IF your hashtag strategy is strong.

The reason for the conflicting “evidence” on the internet on how many hashtags you should use is because most people don’t know how to use hashtags correctly in the first place - and so their data is unreliable.

We don’t belong to that group, fortunately! ;-)

Let’s discuss now which hashtags give the best results for your account.

Which Instagram hashtags are the best for your account?

Now we’re getting to the exciting part!

We already know that getting into the Top posts for as many of your 30 hashtags as possible is the aim, if you want to maximally increase your post impressions from hashtags and get more engaged followers.

But how do you actually do that?

Well, here’s how it works:

It takes a certain level of engagement on your post to be featured among a hashtag’s Top posts.

That’s how the Instagram algorithm decides which posts to feature:

It’s based on engagement.

That level of engagement translates into a number of post likes you must have in order to make it into the hashtag’s Top posts.

This Post likes number is different for every hashtag, because all hashtag sizes are different, and all hashtags have different posts in their Top posts, so the competition differs from hashtag to hashtag.

This means:

You have to pick your 30 hashtags in a way that maximally increases your chances of getting into the Top posts for as many of your hashtags as possible, while also picking the best hashtags for your account possible.

And that’s our strategy!

Let’s see now how it works and how you can implement it.

The perfect hashtag strategy in 2020

We have 30 hashtags to work with, and we know that every hashtag requires a different level of engagement (= post likes) to get into the Top posts.

Obviously, we’d also like to be able to make it into the Top posts for some of the more popular hashtags (meaning bigger hashtag sizes), which are still relevant for you.

So our perfect hashtag strategy looks like this:

  1. We pick a few of our 30 hashtags such that we’re very likely to get featured among their Top posts based on our current levels of account engagement.

  2. Being in the Top posts for these hashtags, will get us additional engagement on that post, and as a result our post likes increase.

  3. Suddenly, our post also starts making it into some of the hashtags we’ve picked with a little higher requirement for levels of engagement, but also higher increase in impressions due to the hashtag being more popular - and again we get even more likes.

  4. Finally, we get even into the most popular of our 30 hashtags, giving us the maximum benefit that is possible for us at the time based on our average post likes.

This distribution of hashtags achieves a snowball effect, which gets you into ever more and more desirable hashtags for your account.

This ensures you get the most out of hashtags possible in 2020 - and the years beyond!

“How do I create this snowball effect with my hashtags?”

Of course, we can’t leave that to chance… otherwise where’s the strategy?

It’s time for science to answer this question!

And this is what we’ve done:

We employ data - namely your own account data (= your post likes), and hashtag data (= hashtag sizes, and the amount of likes it takes to get into the Top posts) - and then we take these numbers, run them through a statistical model and simply have it tell us exactly which hashtags we should choose to achieve the desired result!

It’s actually very simple, and produces incredible results… better than any other hashtag strategy out there!

This scientific process is why the best hashtag strategy of 2020 is called the Scientific Hashtag Strategy™.

And here’s what it looks like:

A statistical model that assigns every relevant hashtag the proper meaning within your hashtag strategy, and gives a suggestion of which hashtags to use (15-10-5 for the low, mid and high ranges) to get the most benefit for your account!

Genius, isn’t it?

The post likes and hashtags data allow you to simply predict which hashtags are going to give you the best results, and so all you have to do is choose your hashtags according to that model and it will create the desired snowball effect for you the next time you post on Instagram.

The results speak for themselves:

Let’s look at some of the results the Scientific Hashtag Strategy™ produces.

As you can see, the Scientific Hashtag Strategy™ vastly outperforms an average hashtag strategy of 30 niche-specific hashtags due to its unique snowball effect we created by design.

To make use of this powerful hashtag strategy and implement it for YOUR account right now, I’ve set up a detailed guide that you can purchase, which takes you step-by-step through the entire process and supports you with many powerful tools that assist you in the setup and do most of the heavy lifting for you.

This guide even comes with exclusive Facebook Group support should you feel stuck anywhere and have questions.

People go through this guide in as little as 2 days and make these tremendous results their own - as you’ve seen from the small account with just 380 followers above:

Getting over 2K additional impressions with every post from hashtags alone with this strategy.

It’s simple - all you have to do is get the guide, follow the easy paint-by-numbers process that has been thoroughly set up and 10x-ing your Instagram growth rate with hashtags becomes a reality for you!

Learn more here:

Scientific Hashtag Strategy™

10x from hashtag-impressions, double your post engagement & get followers more rapidly with your scientifically-optimized “perfect set of 30 hashtags”! This strategy works for any niche.