Instagram Content Board

Instagram content creation has never been easier.

With step-by-step guidance.

Create A Content Strategy That Attracts More Followers Than Ever Before!

Creating good content is the #1 pain in the butt for most people looking to grow on Instagram.

But this need not be so!

To help you create content that’s not just beautiful, but also leverages important viral-potency principles, resonates with your niche and converts the maximum number of people into engaged followers, I’ve created a powerful Instagram content creation environment that contains everything you need to take your content and branding to the next level:

Improve Your Profile & Content In Just 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Design Your Profile

    Use the Instagram Content Board to take your design & branding to the next level and give your account a unique and cohesive look that absolutely stands out in your niche.

    A powerful brand strategy makes your account instantly memorable and increases its brand value over time!

    On top of that, learn to optimize your profile using hidden Instagram SEO “secrets” that make your account rank higher vs. other accounts in your niche in very important search queries.

    (The Instagram algorithm will reward you with a TON of passive traction as a result of this optimization!)

  2. Plan Your Content Strategy

    Organize your content into “categories” and identify your most-common use-cases to create an effective content strategy that is quick & easy to execute.

    (This is how most top-performers create their Instagram content ahead of time and spend only a couple of minutes a day managing their accounts despite posting new content daily!)

  3. Create Your Posts

    Start creating posts for your identified content categories and apply virally-potent design principles to massively increase your Instagram reach & engagement.

    (No longer miss out on the engagement you could be getting and start growing your account A LOT faster!)

“Good content is the bread & butter for quickly growing your account.”

With the Instagram Content Board your content strategy reaches professional level & daily posts become a walk in the park for you!

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Instagram Content Board

Instagram content creation has never been easier.

With step-by-step guidance.

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Take A Sneak-Peek Inside!

The Instagram Content Board comes embedded in the free & easy-to-use designed software named Figma, which is well-utilized by some of the most successful content creators on Instagram:

  1. Optimize your profile

    Find everything you need to create your brand, optimize every part of your profile, as well as recognize & plan your content strategy.

    (Includes many crucial tips from high-performing accounts.)

  1. Create your content

    Utilize 30+ beautifully designed & 100% customizable Instagram content templates that are battle-tested and ready-to-use!

    (Includes practical use-cases for every niche. Included as a free bonus ONLY if you buy today!)

If you’re new to Figma, worry not:

The Instagram Content Board comes with a quick-start guide for Figma, so you become proficient in a matter of minutes!


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30+ Expertly Designed & 100% Customizable Instagram Content Templates

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