How I Grew My Account From Only 500 To Over 105K Followers In Less Than One Year

And how you can do the same!

Hi, this is Jonathan – I’m the creator of the Instagram Growth Guide!

It might surprise you to learn that even though I just recently got my BSc degree in Physics, I now make a rather hefty income from my passion for Spirituality.

How did that happen? One word:


You see, using social media the right way is what has allowed me to attract a massive following around my passion, and I now run one of the largest accounts in my niche on Instagram:

Would you like to find out how I did it, and how you can replicate this success for your own account?

Then come on a short, eye-opening journey with me & allow me to share with you how I started with Instagram from absolute zero, struggled for over a year to attract even a small following, and then suddenly took my account to over 100K followers in less than one year!

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

It All Starts Quietly

My endeavor to grow on Instagram started with my desire to share my passion for Meditation & Spirituality with as many interested people as I could reach.

I always felt that’s what I wanted to do…

… but I was lacking the means for turning this dream into reality.

So the following idea came to me:

“Why not give Instagram a shot?”

It would allow me to reach potentially millions of people who share my passion, while taking only a small time-investment in return!

These sort of “low-risk-with-huge-potential-upside” conditions were exactly what I was looking for, because as I was still in University at the time, while also working on the side to earn some money, I didn’t have much spare time on my hands to devote to such a cause...

But now the decision was made - and the game was on!

My First Experiences With Instagram

I started off by setting up my Instagram account the way I liked it, and soon realized how important good branding would be to set myself apart from all the other accounts in my niche.

After all, I didn’t want to drown in the masses, but stick out.

Here’s what my account looked like back then:

Ahh, the nostalgia… <3

As you can see, I created a comprehensive Content Strategy for the spiritual insights I wanted to share, and started posting content regularly to get my account growth going.

First weeks went by, then months, and while my account did gain a few followers, in the end it was nowhere near what I had hoped for:

After one-and-a-half years of posting content almost daily all I had to show for were a meager 500 followers.

“This can’t be right… “, I thought.

I knew something was terribly off.

Because all over Instagram I saw other accounts doing practically the same thing as I did, yet some of them had over tens of thousands of followers – and, honestly, they didn’t seem inherently “special” or “privileged” to me.

But was it luck?

That’s when I decided:

Enough is enough!

It’s time to either admit defeat, cut my losses and simply give up on my dream…

… OOOR do the exact opposite (😂), give it one last full-hearted attempt and don’t stop until I’ve figured out how to achieve the Instagram success I was actually looking for!

I’m sure you can guess which route I ended up taking! ;-)

On The Search For The Ultimate Growth System

I formulated a plan:

I wanted to create a “failsafe growth system” that’s…

  • Universal: Quickly grows any Instagram account irrespective of size or niche

  • Legitimate: Avoids shady tactics so the account doesn’t get banned and the quality of followers remains as high as possible for future monetization purposes

  • Scientific: Removes all luck from the game and is based on well-understood principles that are guaranteed to bring results when applied

Such a system would allow me to beat the Instagram game and distinguish myself from the many other accounts in my niche who were merely scratching the surface of what’s possible - even those that did have some degree of success.

This is the key to the breakthrough I’ve been looking for - now the search for such a system begins!

An undertaking in which my background in science would prove to come in quite handy!

I Discover How Instagram Really Works

If I was going to find this failsafe system that would lift me out of “Instagram growth poverty” into the “fast-growth lane” of big accounts, the first thing I needed to do was understand the key mechanics behind Instagram growth:

Why do some accounts grow so fast, while others (like mine) are stuck in the low-follower numbers, which they can’t seem to get out of?

That was my question, and my background in science should help me provide the answer:

It took me three or four months of comprehensive research with lots of trial-and-error before all the bits and pieces I was gathering finally came together – and I realized how Instagram growth really works…

It’s actually quite simple:

The number of followers you have dictates the growth methods you must use.

You see, there are only two kinds of growth on Instagram:

  1. Linear growth, where you perform certain actions (such as liking, commenting, etc.) to increase your reach and exposure, which invariably leads to an increase in your followers. And…

  2. Organic growth, where you leverage your existing follower base to engage with your content, causing the Instagram algorithm to promote your account, which invariably leads to an increase in your followers as well.

These are the two fundamental types of growth on Instagram, and they both come with distinct sets of growth methods to set them in motion..

What really sets them apart, however, is the account sizes they work most effectively for:

Let me explain…

Linear growth and its related growth methods work at any account size, but its effect is only noticeable when you have small amounts of followers - typically less than 1K, where these methods not only become useful, but vital for growing your account.

Organic growth and its related growth methods on the other hand get you followers quickly only if you already have a minimum number of followers - typically above ~1K where your following begins to be large enough to generate sufficient reach for the acquisition of new followers and a compound effect that swiftly grows your account.

(Of course, the proper growth methods for both these types of growth are absolutely essential to produce results.)

Comparison of linear & organic growth on Instagram for low-follower numbers

That explains why I wasn’t able to get any followers for so long…

I disregarded the fundamental law of Instagram growth:

“Thou shalt always adjust thy growth methods to thy account size.”

Which meant linear growth methods up until ~1K followers, and organic growth methods thereafter.

But was it really that simple?

Both the theory and the sophisticated growth methods I came up with during my extensive research period looked good on paper, yet the ultimate proof of their validity would have to come from putting them to the test on my own account and seeing first-hand the results they would get me!

Needless to say, the stakes were incredibly high…

After all, this was the final attempt at growing my account and turning my dream of reaching tens of thousands of people for my passion into reality…

… and you won’t believe what happened next!

Finally: Growth At Record Speeds

Equipped with these profound, new insights and the desire to make this work my next steps were beautifully obvious:

Since my account size was somewhere around 500 followers, that told me to focus on linear growth methods first and in the meantime prepare to start using the highly-effective organic growth methods I had devised as soon as I reach the 1K followers milestone!

And that’s what I did:

I started applying my new system and BAM!

Only 10 days (!!) later my account was already past the 1K followers mark!

“This is next-level growth!”

… because the same number of followers had previously taken me one-and-a half years of daily posting to get!

But little did I know it was only the beginning

As soon as I switched to the powerful organic growth methods, my account really started taking off:

My growth rate got higher and higher, until only 9 weeks later I’d already cracked the crucial 10K followers milestone, which meant that…

I went from 500 to 10k real followers in only 11 weeks!

Here’s a comparison of my account growth before and after switching to the new growth system:

11 weeks of Instagram growth before & after applying the new growth system

I knew right away that for the first time I had found something that actually worked!

It simply feels like growth the way it ought to be.

Since then my account has gone on to grow to over 100k followers, which took me less than one year to achieve after first applying this comprehensive growth system at only 500 followers.

However, all of this came with a surprise…

I had no clue that this amazing success would lead to not only the complete transformation of my Instagram account – but also of my personal life:

As I soon discovered, I would be able to generate a large stream of income for myself using only my following and my passion!

I Turn My Passion Into A Profit

Frankly, making money with Instagram isn’t a novel idea, however, in this case I’m NOT referring to the usual methods of influencer deals or sponsored posts as practiced by most people…

… because even though that’s one way of making money with Instagram, those particular methods never really appealed to me, since they didn’t fit the vision I had for my Instagram account:

I wanted to build something that lasts, create my own products and services and NOT sell out my account for some quick bucks in exchange for the alienation of my audience!

Fortunately, I found a different way:

I discovered that the more my following grew, the more people started Direct-Messaging me all on their own, asking me for help and guidance with their spiritual progress.

Even though I didn’t have any mention of a product or service on my profile, these kinds of requests started coming into my inbox almost on a daily basis.

Of course, not all of them were serious enough about getting their problem fixed to commit to it financiallybut some of them were!

That’s how I started taking on clients through my Instagram, which has allowed me to make more money doing what I love than I was earning at my job – despite taking up less of my time!

And more importantly yet:

I’ve started actually helping people with what I truly love doing…

… which I consider to be my real success and waaay more than I ever hoped to achieve when I first started out on this journey!

In short:

I feel very blessed to have made it to this point.

And that got me thinking:

“What if more people had this shot?”

Life as a whole can only be better with more people making money from their passions…

Now It’s Your Turn!

Once I experienced first-hand how being successful on Instagram can help you create a life of abundance that allows you to pursue your passion fully, I couldn’t keep this knowledge all to myself…

Not only would we have happier people, but also better products, more choices, more freedom and an overall higher quality of life!

Thus my mission with Instagram Growth Guide is:

To provide you with a proven blueprint for Instagram success, so you can create your own “passion-business” and make a fortune doing what you love!

That’s why in the Instagram Growth Guide I reveal all my growth secrets in a step-by-step approach, and supply you with a wide range of supportive tools & an expert community to make it as easy as possible for you to go through the same account transformation I went through in the shortest amount of time possible:

With all the support you need, your success is almost guaranteed!

I suggest you pick me up on this amazing opportunity to learn from me how you can easily do it as well!

Instagram Growth Guide

Grow tens of thousands of real followers in only a few short months & make a fortune doing what you love.

With step-by-step instructions.

Much love & I’m looking forward to reading your success story with this system one day in the near future,